Bulk settings and database updates

Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone has done this.

So I’ve just discovered the bulk settings extention, of which I want to add Woocommerce database updates. Which i think i’ve done.

But another main one is Elementor database updates and elementor pro database updates.

I’ve installed the key maker on a site to try and make a key but nothing seems to work, has anyone managed to get this working ?

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Hey @Adam

You can try triggering the Elementor database update using the Code Snippets extension.
Our own @kwcjr has written a snippet for it: https://gist.github.com/kwcjr/59c44c87c9b1efab301797e58a980793


Hi Bojan,

Oh very cool, I will give it a try thank you. Quick question, is the code snippets extension now something thats replacing the bulk settings extension and key maker ? Or do they both offer good options. ?

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Also does this snippet work with both Elementor Database update, and Elementor Pro ? as I don’t seem to be able to make it work with the Elementor pro update I have for testing .

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I’m glad the code snippet is working for you.

Code Snippets are not replacing Bulk Settings Manager.

The extensions serve different purposes and have different modes of operations, but sometimes they do overlap a bit with regard to which problems they can solve.

The code snippet, unfortunately, only triggers the Elementor database update and not the Pro database update.


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