Bulk Settings inlineeditnonce Issue

Hi, when I try to update a Wordfence setting I get back this error:
ERROR: You dont send nonce: inlineeditnonce Trace: #0 wp_verify_nonce() called at …

I tried to remove nonce from the setting but the same happens.

It did work fine on the first site then not again so it is almost as though the nonce is not being generated again per update or something but I am not sure.

Hey @whitehart

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

This error can occur if some of the MainWP products are out of date. In this case, that may be MainWP Dashboard 4.3.1, MainWP Child plugin 4.3.1 (on child sites), or MainWP Wordfence extension 4.0.9.

Can you please verify that you are running the latest version of all of them?

Hi, I have checked but all plugins are on the correct version. What I do notice is that the site that I export the key from works but no others do, not sure if that helps?

Can you please try following the steps outlined in this help document and see if that resolves the “You dont send nonce” error message?

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