Bulk Settings Manager - Could I change a single setting in the Elementor settings page

I wonder how the Bulk Settings Manager works. Would I be able to change individual settings of a plugin without changing other settings?

e.g. the Elementor settings page has many settings. So it depends on how the process works. Of course it should only change that single setting I want to modify, e.g. disable Elementor AI, without modifying any of the other settings on the very same page when updating the settings.

The instructions and process seem very long-winded - I wonder how it worked for you so far? If you maintain 100 sites, I get it. But if I maintain 20 sites, I am thinking whether I am faster doing it manually

Interested about some real-life experience before I consider getting it

It’s best to follow the steps outlined in the kb about this Bulk Settings Manager - MainWP Knowledgebase specifically the " Does Bulk Settings Manager work with the XYZ plugin or theme?" section.

That will get you started on if the process you want to do is possible.

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I found a hint, that supports my worries. That’s exactly what I was afraid of, e.g. I want to change one single setting on a setting page, but not all other settings on the very same settings page → it seems the solution for this is Boilerplate extension

Considering that the Bulk Settings Manager will overwrite all WordPress General Settings and that the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) must be unique for each Child site, we will use the Boilerplate extension to define tokens for those two fields.

It’s a very long article not easy to follow when you don’t have the plugin yet to test - I read only part of it before posting. Will be perhaps another weekend task. Definitely interesting but seems also quite complicated

That’s correct. When saving a key, all values on a certain page will be overwritten.

For pages that need to have unique values, such as the WordPress General Settings page, you need to use Boilerplate tokens.

There’s an embedded video at the top of “Change WordPress Administration Email Address on Multiple Child Sites at Once” section that goes through this step by step.

Thanks - I think that’s all I need to know now. It tells me basically, I must invest more time in research and have a look to estimate the risks and see even if it’s worth it for me to go that path. Thanks!

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