Bulk Settings Manager custom/dynamic field


I want to use Bulk Settings Manager for adding remote storage for wpvivid. Looks like I need to do this on the child site (still learning ;-))
However, the remote storage setup needs a field “parent folder” which is different for every child site. Described as:

Customize a parent folder under the absolute path for holding WPvivid backup folders.

So the key needs a bit of dynamic content. Is there a way to add a variable in the key like %websitename% - or similar?


Hi Michael,

You should be able to do this by sing the Boilerplate tokens.
You can create a custom token in the Boilerplate settings, add custom value for each site and after that, you can use the token in BSM keys.

Thanks Bogdan. I didn’t know this existed! I will try it out!

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