Bulk Settings / Time Capsule / Google Drive

How do I set a Bulk Settings option that will put my Google Drive key into my Time Capsule plugin settings on my sites?

Hi Jennifer,

thanks for reaching out.

As much as I can see, the Google Drive remote storage requires authentication where you click the button and get redirected to your Google account to allow the app to use the storage.

I don’t see a field for entering the key.

However, even if there would be a key field, the Google Drive still wouldn’t allow bulk authentication. For storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and some others, it’s recommended to authenticate directly from child sites.

It is like this after you have authenticated one, you just put the same code in to all the rest.

Hi Jennifer,

thanks. I see. However, the TC plugin uses AJAX requests to submit settings forms, so the BSM extension, or to be precise Key Maker can’t grab that submission to create a key for it.

Thank you. I’ll do it manually.