Bulk Updating Plugins - Do I NEED to Wait to finish?

I would have thought a search of the support community would have uncovered an answer to my question, but it did not, so here is the question.

When updating plugins for 10-15 sites, I do that in one bulk update from the Updates page. Do I need to sit on the screen while each site updates and completes? Or can I kick off the updates and then go about my business? I know with some other WP Management tools I kick off updates and the work is all done in the background. Is that the case with MainWP or is it a MUST that I stay on the update screen until all updates are completed?


Hey @Tinch72

Bulk Updates is an AJAX process, so if you close the browser tab, the process will end. However, you don’t need to stay on the tab, it just needs to be open.


gotcha! thanks for the quick response and answer. now i know :slight_smile:

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