Cache Control Settings manually?

I like the idea of the new Cache Control Settings. However, I always perform my updates in parts, for example:

  • Update plugin XX on all my websites
  • Then update another plugin XXX on all my websites
  • And then update another plugin on all my websites

So with updates for 3 different pluin, I run 3 update cycles (I just like to do it like this, so I can check things on live websites after a specific plugin update if I want).

It seems to me that the way Cache Control Settings is setup, that in my example the cache will be cleared 3 times?

Would be very nice if it was possible to clear the cache on all sites, with one click, manually!
Will that be possible?

Hi @Alwin

Thank you for the suggestion. It seems like it would be a good addition.

Please make the suggestion on our Feedback site. That way, other users can vote for it, and it lets us know what features our users want the most.

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