Cache Control support for Swift Performance

I noticed that Cache Control is implemented for Swift Performance Lite, but not for Swift Performance, so I modified the file mainwp-child/class/class-mainwp-child-cache-purge.php to add support for the premium version of the plugin.
As I’m not a real developer, it’s good to check my code, but as it’s almost the same, I think it should work this way.

Can you please check it and add it to the next update? Thanks!

@josklever Thanks for the pull! - I will have to go over this as I am currently testing a fix for the LS method as it was not actually purging anything. :o|

Thanks for picking it up. I do have a server running OpenLiteSpeed, but I don’t use LS Cache, so I can’t test it for you.

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@josklever Ok thank you - I miss read your post. I had though you were talking about LiteSpeed when I saw the word Lite… Thanks again! I’ll let you know when this is included.

My changes worked when testing, so it looks good. But I do have 2 extra remarks:

  • In the code CloudFlare is written as Cloud Flair, Cloud flair, CloudFlair, Cloudflair, cloud_flair and maybe some other variants.
  • The date on the Manage Sites screen in the Last Purged Cache column is written as “April 14, 2022 6:14pm” in stead of the localized version and timezone what would be “14 april 2022 20:14” like it is written in the “Last Backup” column for example.

@josklever thank you I am aware of the spelling mistake ( it’s only in the coded & will be fixed in a later version )
Thank you for pointing that out I will see how that can be remedied.

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Timezones and DateTime format have both been fixed and will be in a future release.

Thanks for your help testing @josklever.


MainWP Child 4.2.2 was just released, but the option for Swift Performance wasn’t added yet. Can you please check that this will be added in the next version? I’ve changed it manually again.

Sorry about that - overlooked. I’ll be sure to have this added in the next push. Thank you for the reminder.

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