Can I show Abandoned Plugins (Count) in Pro Reports?

Was tinkering around with a custom template for Pro Reports last night and got it almost to where I’d like it. Has a good amount of custom pages but I would like to see Abandoned Plugins on the report.

Didn’t see any token that would work to show the count but would be great to have added as a token, [plugin.abandoned.count] just like these:

  • [plugin.activated.count] – Displays the Number of Activated Plugins
  • [plugin.deactivated.count] – Displays the Number of Deactivated Plugins
  • [plugin.deleted.count] – Displays the Number of Deleted Plugins
  • [plugin.updated.count] – Displays the Number of Updated Plugins

Anyone else think showing abandoned plugins in a report would be a good idea?

I did just see this topic for adding features, any updates on this?

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Hi @Tinch72

There’s an open suggestion for this feature on our feedback site.

We are always expanding MainWP with features our users want the most, so please give it a vote if you would like to see it implemented.

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