Can I use a Bulk Setting Key to enable 2FA (via Wordfence)?


We are moving toward requiring all of our clients to use 2FA if they are an Admin user. I have the settings set how I want them on our website, but when I create a key (using the Main WP Key Maker) it doesn’t carry over the setting for ‘Require 2FA for Administrators’ and I get an error for the ‘grace period’ field.

Any help would be appreciated. We have over 50 client sites and I really don’t want to manually set this up on each one. Thanks!

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for reaching out.
I just tried to duplicate the problem, but I couldn’t.

I took one child site, made my settings in the 2FA settings:

After saving changes, I triggered the Key Maker and verified the Post-Submission request:

Where you can see it recorded the mentioned options.

Next, I applied this key to another site and all options are saved correctly.

However, I did noticed some unexpected behavior. Since this form submission is AJAX driven, it’s not working exactly how it’s expected. To be precise, the Key Maker doesn’t record all settings values, but just changes.

For example, if you have your form set, and change just one value, after checking the Post Submission, you will notice that it recorded just that one option. See:

To properly handle this, it would be the best to do it this way:

  1. Open the settings form in WF and reset the form to all default values (I believe everything is disabled by default)
  2. Save Settings
  3. Now, set preferred values
  4. Save Settings
  5. Click the Key Maker and verify if all changes are saved
  6. Import the key to BSM extension
  7. Import to one child site and verify that everything is ok
  8. Once you are sure that everything is ok, you can import to the rest of your child sites.

Please let me know how that goes.


Thank you! The error I got when testing it makes sense if it was only recording the last change I made. I will try this shortly and get back to you, but I expect this to work.


You are welcome. Let us know how it goes.

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