Can this be done?

Because UpdraftPlus (UP) can be set to auto backup before updates it can create quite a lot of unnecessary backups over time. These backups don’t get auto-deleted like scheduled ones do.

So, I’ve made it a habit of coming in once a month and manually selecting all of the various automatic update backups for the prior month and deleting them in bulk. All at once.

How do I do this in MainWP? I can’t see any way to select a group of individual backups and delete them in bulk. Maybe I’m just missing it in the UI? If this doesn’t exist as a feature, it needs to.

Hi @4smartbiz

Currently, it’s not possible to delete existing backups in bulk from MainWP Dashboard.

Please make a suggestion on our Feedback site so other users can see it and vote it up. That way, we can know what features most users want.

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