Cannot Monitors for All Sites do not work

Hi, the subject says it all. Why m I not able to press or click this

Hey @mauamolat, my best guess is that you are not using the latest MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension version. Can you please check if the extension version is 5.0.2 and if not, please install the latest version and retest?

Yes, it’s now working but I thought my extensions would auto be updated since I have an API Keys on my account? When I tried activating them again now, it doesn’t work

Thanks for confirming that the problem is solved.

When extensions are API license activated, they still don’t auto-update. API just gives you the ability to update extensions. You still need to update the extensions when there is available update detected.

I get it but why isn’t it activating after I updated it?

I am not quite sure, but please feel free to open a helpdesk ticket so we can troubleshoot this.

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