Cannot to save a Contact on a Client

I cannot add a client after the MainWP update to version 4.3.1. I’ve tried 4 times to add the contact person, and the record will not save. The Contact Name in the client list returns N/A and when I go into the client detail page the contact does not show. Below is a screencast showing the process.

Hey @kwsim

There are two issues at hand here.

Let’s tackle the first of Contact Name column having N/A even when a Contact Name does exist.

You need to edit that client and select the Contact Name as the primary contact.

The second issue seems to be the inability to save a Contact Name.
Can you please try inputting just the Contact Name and Contact Email, and try typing it in instead of pasting, and see if that helps?
If it still doesn’t save, can you please try temporarily disabling all non-MainWP plugins on the site and see if that helps?

The first part only works when the second part works. I have deleted the client and have added a screencast of the full process below. This is a stand-alone site. The only plugins are the ones running MainWP and its extensions. I have no problem editing other clients and their contacts.

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Thanks for the update and the screen recording.

Can you please check if you have any errors on the MainWP Dashboard > Info > Error Log page?

If you see the message: "MainWP is unable to find your error logs, please contact your host for server error logs." you may need to first enable debugging by following these steps, and then try saving the Contact again.

I removed the client and recreated them. Then attempted to add the contact and no errors showed up in the error log. I even made changes to a current contact and again, no errors.

Not sure why Main WP is returning an “unable to find your error logs” message, but just to test, I added a line in the log, and below are the results. Maybe this is another bug.

Thanks for trying that.

We haven’t had reports of MainWP not displaying the error logs if they have been enabled in wp-config.php as instructed here.

You can try a plugin such as Debug Log Manager and see if anything is getting logged there: Debug Log Manager – WordPress plugin |

If you don’t see error logs related to the issue with creating a Contact for a Client, or if it appears that MainWP Error Log page isn’t working properly, please open a private Help Desk ticket, so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

It is working properly. Maybe I didn’t explain this correctly. If the error log, (which does exist) is empty this message, “unable to find your error logs” shows. However, if there is content in the error log, (I created an error line in the log for testing) the content of that error log shows.

Thanks for your help. I will move this to a Helpdesk ticket. I will also open a ticket for this odd error message.

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Just to provide an update on this -

Issue was caused by partial records in the Database.

One of the previous client deletion attempts has left some of the orphaned data.

After that was deleted, the issue was resolved.