Can't access the mainwp child dashboard


I’m opening this topic because because I have a problem with the installation of MainWP-Child.

Indeed, I want to add a website to the mainwp dashboard that I created on a server we have. The configuration of the MainWP dashboard is correctly done, but as soon as I want to install MainWP-Child on a site I want to attach to this dashboard, I get an error 500 telling me : “PHP Warning: openssl_pkey_export(): cannot get key from parameter 1 in path_to_my_website\wp-content\plugins\mainwp-child\class-mainwp-child-server-information-base. php on line 389” (btw, line 389 contains openssl_pkey_export( $res, $privkey ); ) and I cannot access the dashboard of the child site plugin.

Do you have a solution to this problem please?

(Sorry if the subject has already been discussed, but I didn’t find it…)

Best regards,

Hi Fred,

This seems strange. Problems with the OpenSSL library are something that I have seen only on localhost setups and in the case of the MainWP Dashboard plugin.

However, based on the error message that you get, it seems that the OpenSSL PHP library has not been configured properly on the server. Can you please contact your host support and have them check this? Maybe updating the OpenSSL would resolve the issue.

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