Can't add site after they moved hosting

I can’t seem to reconnect one site since they moved hosting. They are not the only one that moved to that hosting lately and the other sites reconnected without a hitch so I don’t think it has to do with server settings. But it keeps telling me that the MainWP child is not active on that site though it is.

I ve deactivated it and reactivated it (a few times) and even tried completely deleting it and reading it. It still says there is no mainwp child active… How do I get my site reconnected?

Hi Natalie,

thanks for reaching out.

Can you please run the Test Connnection feature and see what response this site will return? See if shows the correct IP address.


@digitalie To add onto what @bogdan has already suggested

  • If the I.P. address is still returning your old server after you test, then you will need to remove all remanence of that domain name from the old server. This will usually allow for the domain name to be released from the servers DNS and propagation can finish.
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