Can't connect a site

Love this plugin - can’t stand the trouble it is causing me on ONE site.

In the process of migrating sites from one data center to a new host, I have a site that has been migrated. It refused to let go of the link from MainWP on the old server, so I deleted the plugin’s directory on the new server and removed the site from my MainWP Dashboard on the old server.

After re-installing MainWP Child plugin on the new version of the site, and trying to add the site (for like the third time) on my new version of MainWP, the plugin now refuses to believe that MainWP plugin is actually running on the site - despite the fact that I have the “security key” generated by the plugin that is installed and activated.

How do I get this plugin to let go of the old and accept the new site?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


It’s probably caused by DNS caching. Try the Test Connection button and compare the IP address that’s shown in the result to the new IP address.

The correct IP address came up for the new server when I tested the connection.

Hey @SiteCrafter

After the site migration, it can take up to a few days before the DNS cache clears from your Dashboard site server and DNS starts resolving properly.

If you want, you can wait for a day or two and see if the issue resolves, or if you prefer, you can ask your Dashboard site host provider to flush the DNS cache from the server and see if that speeds up the process.

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