Can't connect Google Analytics

Hello Support Team, Community,

I followed twice the steps of the documentation

But I get lost somewhere, I suppose :frowning:

After entering the information on step 7 and clicking on “Connect Account” nothing happens

no OAuth screen comes, and I can’t proceed step 8

Hey @Marcel_Heiniger

This may be somehow related to either your browser and its settings/extensions or perhaps your MainWP installation and its plugin.
Because, even when the information entered in step 7 is completely random, and you click the Connect Account button, you should be redirected to Google sign-in page and get an Authorization error.

Can you try doing the same process again from start, but do so in an Incognito/Private browser window without any browser extensions, and try disabling all other plugins on the Dashboard except for the MainWP Dashboard and Google Analytics extension?

Thanks Bojan,
Disabling all other extensions helped,
Probleme solved

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Great, I’m glad that solved it, and thanks for updating us.

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