Can't install Buddy Extension


I am Pro, currently at 4.3.1
I successfully installed several extension except “Buddy” to go with iThemes BackupBuddy. In the installation dialog, the upper part says “Success”, while the actual install entry shows a red cross.

What’s up with that?
Thanks, Jochen

Hi @joker

Are you trying to install extensions through the Dashboard > Extensions page, or by uploading a ZIP file?
Can you send us a screenshot of the issue so we have a better understanding of the context?


installing from the Dashboard. See screenshot after installation run.

I tried to install the downloaded ZIP. The problem was, that the plugin-folder was present. Probably an unfinished install.

After deleting this folder, I was able to install the plugin

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Great, I’m glad you managed to solve it, and thank you for updating us.

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