Can't reconnect site, getting "Public key could not be set" error

I have been using MainWP on my local host for about a year now. Whenever a site gets disconnected I just reconnect it and everything is ok. I have just migrated my mainwp to a Vultr server running Ubunty 20.01 x64 with CyberPanel. I set up a website and migrated my localhost/mainwp, using “All-in-one WP Migration” to the website.

I had one site that was disconnected so I tried to reconnect it. I get the error message “Public key could not be set. Please make sure that the OpenSSL library has been configured correctly on your MainWP Dashboard.” No matter what I did I could not reconnect it, always get this error. All the other 10 sites were working perfectly.

I went back to my localhost/mainwp and was able to re-connect the site. I than re-migrated to my Vultr site. Everything was now working fine. The site stayed connected.

My problem is I can never seem to reconnect a site on my Vultr system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Mike,

Have you checked the list of potential issues:

Please go through it and see if it helps. If doesn’t let us know and we can help with troubleshooting this problem.

I have verified this. This is something that happens only when trying to connect a site. I also verified that the openssl is a new version. I turned off the firewall with no change. I am thinking that it is something about the website accessing the openssl file when using Cyberpanel.

Hi Mike,

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

As per the finding in ticket #8083, the problem was caused by incorrect openssl.cnf file path.

After updating it to /etc/ssl/openssl.cnfon Ubuntu 20.04, the problem has been resolved.

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