Central location for web dev

I’m trying to develop a universal system for designing and developing websites. Wordpress (obviously) took the cake for the CMS, and, along with Pods, does everything I could ever potentially do with a website (static or dynamic).

At that, I’m at the point where it’s time to start developing, and MainWP basically takes the cake for it’s purpose! The only thing is that I can’t use it as a single location for designing and developing websites. I’m talking a fully manicured process, start to finish, where you have your development server installed as wordpress on localhost, and then you have children (also on localhost) that are development client sites that you can then develop, inside of your dev wordpress, and then push live.

How awesome would that be?

Any ideas how I might achieve this?

Ok so I see I can manage posts to child sites from the dashboard, now all I need is the ability to have child sites on localhost and corresponding child sites live on the web

any ideas how I might achieve this?

Staging, found it

Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

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@cinder-brent Let us know if you have further questions! Glad you found your way :slight_smile:

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