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Is there a best practice for changing the domain for the dashboard?
Including a migration to another hoster.
How to do a migrate a WordPress is easy but for MainWP it could be different?
I would migrate with duplicator and change the cronjob…

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Moving a MainWP dashboard site, should work exactly the same as any other WordPress site.

Does any connected websites will be connected afterwards? + Are all extensions be correct connected?

Yes they should be. If not you should be able to easily reconnect all sites.

Are there are any other locations of the previous site URL, such as in the database or MainWP extension settings, that could cause problems or is this really as simple as updating the ‘WordPress Address URL’ and Site Address URL’ from the admin area, and presumably re-linking all the child sites to the new hostname from their respective dashboards using the MainWP Child Plugin?

(I’m just going to say unspoken part about about updating the Apache virtualhost config, too, so there is no mystery there, even though that step is obvious to me.)

Normally, the url can be found hundreds or thousands of times in the database, depending the size and complexity. So never assume that changing the home and siteurl in the admin area is enough, because al lot can break. That’s not how you move a regular site, so it’s not how you move your MainWP Dashboard site.

Whether you use a migration plugin or do it by hand (files via FTP, database via phphMyAdmin), you always need a search and replace action. The plugins should do that for you (but plugins don’t always work on every hosting environment) or you can use a search/replace tool like Database Search and Replace Script in PHP | inter.connect
If you are new to this, ask someone with enough experience to help (or do it for you) or make sure you have reliable backups in case you fail and have to start over.

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I’m not new to this, which I would have thought obvious from the content of my question. I simply have never renamed a MainWP instance, and you skipped over that part of @DREIDREIEINS-Web’s question in your reply, so I sought clarification.

I’m not moving the MainWP site to another sever. I just need to change the domain name. While my MainWP is regulary backed by Duplicator Pro, using it as a migration plugin seems like an un​nec​es​sar​y complication for this use case.

It has been a few years since I have had to update the domain name of any WordPress site. I remember running queries in mysql as well as updating the parameters I explicitly referenced. Hence my asking if it was nec​es​sar​y when renaming a MainWP instance.

I appreciate you providing the requested clarification.

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@qpgltdco Changing the domain name of ANY WordPress site (including your MainWP instance) is NOT just changing the urls at Settings - General. As I explained, you have to search/replace many occurrences in the database. It doesn’t matter if you move the site to another server or leave it where it is.
As far as I can see I didn’t skip any part of the OP’s question. If you have other questions, it would be better to create a new post explaining your situation.

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The relevant part of the original question that you overlooked.

You skipped over the part of the original question that I quoted in this reply, which happened to be exactly what I was looking for in the forum, so it seemed relevant to request clarification in this topic rather than start a new one.

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The consensus reached in the thread is correct.

Migrating a site with MainWP installed is like migrating any other WordPress site, with or without MainWP installed.

There will be many references to the old URL in the database. There are several methods of updating those references, but one of the easiest ones is using a plugin such as Better Search Replace.

That, along with updating ‘WordPress Address URL’ and Site Address URL’ in the WordPress settings, should be all there is to it.

You can find detailed instructions in the official WordPress codex Moving WordPress – Forums
Everything contained there is applicable to all WordPress sites, including ones with MainWP installed.

@qpgltdco I answered that in my very first reply. It’s just like a regular WordPress site.
Ans I explained it in more detail in my first reply to your question.

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Hi all

After the migration to another doman I can say: Yes it is easy.
However, branding and whitelabel are complex to adjust, but that has nothing to do with the domain migration.

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