Change From Address

The emails I get from MainWP are coming from my email address and usually end up in spam. How do I change the from email address?

Hey @eseelke

MainWP will use the Administration Email Address that you have saved on the WP Admin > General Settings page for most email notifications.

Some extensions, such as Pro Reports, can set their own specific FROM address in the extension settings.

This should not be where the from email address is taken. I want to use [email protected] as my from address, like I do everywhere else. But, that would be a bad idea here as that would mean I cannot receive other WP emails. The Administration Email Address field is meant to be used to send admin related emails. It is not meant to be used as a From email address field.

We have a filter to change the FROM address that MainWP uses without affecting the Administration Email Address.

You can find more information in our KnowledgeBase article here: How to change the FROM address for MainWP emails - MainWP Documentation

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