Change the way dates are output in the pro analytics graph

@zackw or @bogdan ,

Would it be possible to get the pro code referenced in this post? Change the way dates are output in the analytics graph - #2 by qpgltdco

Thank you!

What do you mean “get the pro code”? Not sure what you’re asking exactly.

In the referenced post, the individual was PM’d code to fix how Google Analytics displays dates in the reports. I’m looking to get my hands on that code.

Ah, looks like I did this:

 * Change the date format display on the analytics reports to be MM/DD instead of DD/MM
function mainwp_custom_gachart_date_format($format_date, $m, $d) {
	$format_date = $m . '/' . $d . '.|';
	return $format_date;
add_filter('mainwp-reports-ga-chart-format-date', 'mainwp_custom_gachart_date_format', 10, 3);

This makes my chart look like this:


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Perfect, Thank You!!!

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