Child report not populating Plugin Updates

I am using Client Reports because I am not able to customize in PHP the pro report.

When I do a preview on Pro Report the plugin updates are listed.

When I do a Client Report, all tokens are populated correctly (have issues with Virusdie, as it brings the information in green color font and in english).

I also have on the plugin tokens N/A as an answer.

Anyone knows how I can solve this N/A as the Pro Reports can bring this information without a problem?



[] atualizado de [plugin.old.version] para [plugin.current.version]


This is what I have on the template.

Many thanks

@dannygrio1234 MainWP Virusdie is still in the Beta phase. MainWP Virusdie Extension Changelog - MainWP WordPress Management do you have a screen shot of what you’re seeing on your side?

Those tags are exactly what is within the template so it’s safe to say that they should be working. I have to sak if you have performed a Re-sync on your Child Sites prior to generating the reports?

So we can have a better picture of your setup - Can you please post the community system report from your MainWP Dashboard for review? The report is located in your Dashboard under Status → Server, on the top right of the page.

Be sure to use the button like the one below; this button hides all your private information:


Pressing the button auto-copies the report to your clipboard then just paste it in a reply here.

Hi, late here. I did manage to get the tags to work. I deleted everything and used the available full template report. Then I styled ove it without having to create the tags myself. This was the only way for it to show.

Regarding Virusdie, it does work when I use tags for the plugin, however, it returns information in english, for example: No threat found (or something similar).

This is going to be a hard one, as if I change the report language, Virusdie will still return in english. The other plugins are somewhat fine, as it returns only numbers.

Many thanks

@dannygrio1234 I understand…

@Bogdan do you know if there is an easy way to translate the Newest Virusdie returned data?

It would be required to translate the Virusdie extension (at least partially and include the translation files in the extension) so once the Dashboard site is set to a different language, the translated string will be included in the report.

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