Child Reports Wordfence and Backup Tracking Issues

I am setting up my Client Reports and am having 2 issues.


I have the Wordfence extension installed on my MainWP site. I can view my client sites from it.

Problem 1) Does Wordfence have an Overview that sites on the dashboard so I can see if a site have any security issues? Seems like an obvious feature but I do not see it or of a way to enable one.

Problem 2) Wordfence does not show up as an option to enable in the Client Reports extension and the Report Data tab. I see other options for Uptime Monitoring, Page Speed, etc… that works fine. The Client Report extension page does say it supports Wordfence.


In the client report page it shows the ability to track when the Backups done for the report. I have the WPvivid extension installed for MainWP and again it does not show up in the report even though I have backups happening every day. There is also nothing to enable or disable in the Report Data (like with my Wordfence issue)

Hi Tom,

Regarding the Wordfence overview, if you check the MainWP > Extensions > Wordfence > Dashboard page, you will be able to see some basic data for all your sites including the Status indicator that will show you if there are any issues detected.

Wordfence tokens are not included in default reports, so you would need to create custom report template and use available tokens:


[section.wordfence.scan][/section.wordfence.scan] – Loops through Security Scans during the selected date range

[wordfence.scan.result] – Displays the Status info for the Child Site
[maintenance.process.details] – Displays the Scan details
[] – Displays the Security Scan date

[wordfence.scan.count] – Displays the number of performed scans during the date range

Here, you can find the list of all available tokens.

Regarding the WPVivid backups, can you please confirm that the WPVivid is set as you primary backup system in MainWP settings?

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for the detailed help.

I got my reports looking pretty good now :blush:

I did not have WPvivid set as my default backup plugin (I didn’t know that was a setting). It now is but still had problems displaying in the client report. I found the problem in the report template. The $plugin_active_backups variable doesn’t check for the WPvivid file. I added the line:

|| is_plugin_active( 'wpvivid-backup-mainwp/wpvivid-backup-mainwp.php' )

To fix the issue.

Another bug I notice is that under General Information of the client report it reports Average Pagespeed even if I have the data hidden (as I have not setup that part of the report yet and the Page Speed Extension is not doing anything)

I took the Wordfence tokens and basically replaced the “sucuri” sections of the report template. It works good now. Feature request here… maybe you can have a Default Security plugin setting like you do for Backups so you can just specify what security plugin you use and then you do not have to create a custom template.

Another feature request is maybe have a few more custom colors for the report. For example my logo doesn’t look good on a dark background so a logo background specific colour would have been helpful (I just hard coded the color for this).

Last feature request would be to include a Overview for Security Plugins and Backup Plugins on the main MainWP dashboard just so I can see the last items done and quickly see any potential problems.


@eSIlverStrike Thanks for the update & your extensive testing. Are you still experiencing any issues that you need help with now that you got that sorted?

Would you be able to do us a favor and separate your Feature requests into actual Feature requests so that they may be voted on?

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Yup things are fine now as I manually fixed the one issue and the others deal with WPvivid plugin which they are aware of.

I will add the feature requests to the appropriate category (I didn’t know there was one)


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