Child site can't connect because not an admin user

for a website’s client i added Quiz maker which needed administrator rights so you can edit the questions;
so, using members plugin i cloned Admin role as Super Admin and lowered Admin rights so my client could administrate her quiz.
At the time to connect Mainwp and child site with Super Admin it fails because i’m not Admin, i am Super Admin :slightly_smiling_face:

So i don’t know which to interact as if i am admin, Mainwp works but my Editor can’t administrate the Quizz and the other way i can’t use Mainwp.

The only solution which is not very secure (to me) is to have both Administrators and hide some menu items to my client using her ID. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I we could have and option in Main WP or Members to give the right to administrate Main WP it would be great.

Any advices?

Thanks a lot for reading this long

I would have created a custom role for the Quiz Maker plugin and leave the regular Administrator role as it is. I’m sure the QM should be able to tell what permissions are needed for the role.

Hi @fabrice26

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It’s probably a better solution to create a custom role for Quiz Maker than it is to modify the default Administrator role. As @josklever suggested, the developers of Quiz Maker should be in a position to inform you which permissions are needed to edit the questions.

Thanks for the reply,

using the free version of the Quiz Maker it’s written in the admin that this option is on Pro version only, they even made that with selectors.

I should have search thoroughly for another plugin before, my bad.

wast just writing my reply, see below, in short it’s possible with Pro version.

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Thanks for the update.

Considering the Pro version of Quiz Maker includes that feature, the developers may not be very indulging if you were to ask them how to configure a user role so that it can edit questions.

But I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask - nicely :slight_smile:


It’s their business model not sure that works. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The problem is with Quiz Maker but i see more plugins expecting an Administrator to edit (or you’ll have to pay for Pro version), it’s difficult when you do this for a client which has little knowledge to edit his/her quiz to promote as Administrator.

Does Main Wp test for Administrator role or user capabilities, is there a way to alter it?


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When MainWP establishes a connection to MainWP Child, it’s essential that the user is an Administrator.

MainWP verifies this by ensuring $user->user_level and $user->has_cap equate to 10.

This behavior cannot be altered.

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