Child site not seen by domain monitor extention

Hi, the latest site I added to MainWP is not being seen by domain monitor. Tried disabling plugins, and reinstalling the child site. What fixes it is removing the domain monitor extension, disabling and enabling does not work. But I have to repeat this process for each new site. Version is 4.0.1.


Can you try using the Check All Sites Domains button next time you add a child site to the Dashboard and see if that helps?

Yep, one of the first things I tried, actually tried it multiple times. It only syncs existing sites it already sees, and doesn’t pick up any new sites added to MainWP.

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Ok, looks like it is working now, don’t know what changed, suddenly the new sites are appearing on the list available for syncing or checking. Maybe it was just my browser cache or something.

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Browser cache is certainly a possible culprit here.

I’m glad it’s working now, and please do let us know if the issue resurfaces.

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