Child Sites Disappeared from Dashboard

Hi, I can see all of my child sites in the Connection Status of the Overview, but there are none shown in Manage Sites. I have cleared all of the filters. I can see all of the sites in the Groups tab and the Test Connection reports success for any of my sites that I try. Any idea what is going on?

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Hi Tommy,
Just to double check, do you have the filter in Manage Sites setup like this:

If yes, then I think you are better to open a ticket with support since you can see them in the Groups view!

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@t_jam48 Please double check your Search field is empty.

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If you check the MainWP > Status > Error Log page, do you see any recent WordPress Database errors?

Hi guys, thanks for your help so far. I checked and verified that the table filters and search fields are set properly. Error log appears to be disabled. I checked the wp_mainwp_wp database table, and I see that all sites are still in there.

Hi @t_jam48, I am not 100% sure, but it could be that your database got corrupted. Can you check this help article and try to repair the database. Let us know how it goes.


YES!!! It worked! After repairing the database, I can see all my sites :grin:

Thank you!


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