Child Sites on Dreamhost Server are disconected

Hi, almost a month back I’m having some problems with about ten of my sites on Dreamhost. I think I will migrate all sites to other server, but this sites are disconected due to blacklisted server IP where I have the MainWP. Any advice to sort this? Now I have to write Dreamhost support to whitelist my IP, but one or two days later, it’s again blacklisted.

Hi Francisco,

This is something that can resolve only the Dreamhost support. They need to check what triggers the firewall rules and optimize it for your needs.

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@iguannaweb Yeah this is something that only your Hosts can remedy. Is the server that your MainWP Dashboard resides a Shared Server? It is possible that either one of your sites and or somebody else on that network is infected & or spreading spam.

  • Tell your host to actually white list you and not just unblock you & to actually tell you WHY you’re being blocked so that you may fix it on your side :slight_smile: they are shady like that.
  • Check your I.P. against known black lists such as but not limited to
  • scan your websites with ClamAV or by other means
  • think about migrating to a new server.

Hi! I think I’ve written them about ten times or more to whitelist my IP, but I think is a problem of my neighborhood on the provider, because some other related IPs are on blacklist, but not mine. I regulary checked my sites and clients sites for spam or infections, and all seems to be clean. I’m thinking to migreate to other host, It was about one year moving sites progresively to other hosts.

Thanks you all for the advices.

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