Clarification on MainWP Favorites plugin

The documentation doesn’t really sound complete, so i figured i’d take to the forums.

so… if I uploaded a theme/plugin into Favorites, that i want to install across the board (or on select sites), is it only that 1 file that I uploaded? as in, if there are updates to the theme/plugin, do i need to upload the latest version into Favorites and push it out?

either i’m missing something or the feature simply isn’t present… but, why can’t we update the version through our MainWP hub/dashboard site? if i use the central hub as the “repo” (as I’ll call it), and i have a registered/licensed theme/plugin on my hub, and i update the version, is there any way that could also update the Favorite plugin in the process?

like i said… i might be completely missing something here, but this seems like it’d be the intuitive method of updating child sites. granted, the current method “works”, but i have HUNDREDS of licensed plugins & themes. if i had to upload a new zip version package for each one, all while the updated version is already installed within my MainWP dashboard site… why couldn’t the Favorites plugin identify that, and package up a zip file (or download a separate zip from the source repo) to store locally?

can someone shed some light on this subject for me?

thank you!


I have the same questions - has there been no response here?

Hi @splaquet,
You can upload the new version of your plugins directly by FTP, info here, last section: Add Plugins to Favorites - MainWP Documentation
Hope it helps.

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