Clean and Lock Extension update to 4.0.2 fails

When updating Clean and Lock Extension from to 4.0.2, the update fails, the extension is removed and I have to install it again.

I had to install the replacement (MainWP Dashboard Lock Extension) to make this work again.

Hi Jos,

I just tried to duplicate the problem, but I couldn’t; the update worked normally for me:

Also, the MainWP Dashboard Lock is not a replacement ext. it is the same extension we just renamed the Clean and Lock to Dashboard lock in version 4.0.2.

Thanks for verifying, but it failed via the Plugins page (tested twice). It said it was successful via the Updates page, but when I returned to the Plugins page it notified me that the plugin was gone. So I had to reinstall it via the Extensions page (where it’s still called Clean and Lock btw).

Let’s just hope that others don’t have issue. :wink:

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