Client CRM link to Site info and other small issues

Hi all,

I hope this is ok to post here, I made a short video to show some of the issues/bugs I have come across with the current beta release. Hope it may be of some help:

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Hi @Tecology

Thanks for sharing your comments with us.

The development team will analyze and address the issues when they get the chance.


Hi @bojan, glad to share and I hope it may be of some help and thanks for sharing it with the dev team :slight_smile:


Hi Tony,

I just wanted to update here and say that the reported problems have been fixed, and fix will be included in the public release.

Just the problem with 3rd party extensions will have to be addressed in the extensions themselves.

In this case, the Activity Log extension is not developed as per MainWP UI guidelines, so the themeing doesn’t really apply correctly.

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Hi Bogdan,

That’s great news and thank you for following up on my beta feedback. Looking forward to the public release and I can understand the 3rd party issue, hopefully, the developers for those products will actively support and advance their plugins for the new MainWP upgrades and UX enhancements.

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