Client report inaccessible but installed

Hello Everyone.

I have been experiencing an unusual issue regarding Client report. Here are some facts:

  1. All of my sites have version 2.0.7.
  2. In the Client report dashboard, it lists all of the sites that currently have the plugin installed
  3. The plugin is only hidden on ONE site according to the dashboard
  4. Branding plugin is enabled and all settings are applied globally.

Having said that, the results I’m seeing on individual sites do not correspond with the hidden setting. Here’s a few facts involving two websites, one displaying the Client Reports area and one not:

  • Both sites are on WP version 5.7.2
  • Both sites have Mainwp Child version
  • Neither are displaying console errors
  • Both show that Client Reports is NOT hidden
  • Both show Client Reports plugin as “Active” under server information

However, in spite of this, one is displaying the Client Reports tabs while the other is not. As you would suspect, when I use the URL parameter (?page=mainwp-reports-page) on the one not displaying, sure enough it throws an error (“Sorry, you are not allowed access to this page”).

Other sites are also displaying this behavior.

I couldn’t find others on the forum who are experiencing this.

Any insight?


Hi Mohammad,

Can you try to hide&unhide the Child Reports plugin from the Child Reports Dashboard page and see if that resolves the issue?

@bogdan, thank you for that.

That did in fact resolve it! Is this a known issue?

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I would not say it is an issue. This is just a random glitch.