Client report tokens no longer work

Every month I sent the same report and the tokens are already in place. This month, the tokens are broken and not showing the relevant data. Instead, it just shows the token code. Everything is updated to latest versions.

Please help!

Hey @NewSky

Are you using the Pro Reports or Client Reports extension?
Can you please give us some example of the tokens that didn’t return data in this month’s report?

And can you please post the community system report from your MainWP Dashboard for review? The report is located in your Dashboard under Info → Server, on the top right of the page.

Be sure to use the button like the one below; this button hides all your private information:


Pressing the button auto-copies the report to your clipboard then just paste it in a reply here.

I realized I didn’t actually have the latest version of the reports running. When I updated, the issue was fixed. Thanks for your response.

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