Client Reports not populating with sites

We are experiencing an issue when trying to create client reports that the sites will show up for a minute in the list then disappear and are not able to be selected or filtered. We can however still choose groups. Our installation is up to date, WP Core, Plugins, and MainWP. We are running PHP7.4 also. There are no console error messages. Any help is appreciated.

Also the date picker is not working. We are getting the following messages in our error log, despite being up to date:
mainwp-activated-check is deprecated since version 4.1! Use mainwp_activated_check instead.
mainwp-extension-enabled-check is deprecated since version 4.1! Use mainwp_extension_enabled_check instead.

We have tried rolling back wordpress to 5.5.1, 5.4.2 and using php 7.2 but none are resolving the issue. We did install the JQuery migrate helper, which is showing this message in the dashboard:
wp-content/plugins/advanced-uptime-monitor-extension/js/mainwp-aum.js: is deprecated

You’ll need to update the AUM Extension to the latest version:
If you don’t see an update available, deactivate the plugin, reactivate it and follow the instructions to activate the extension license. After that it should update. If not, remove the extension and install it again.


Along with making sure that all extensions are up to date, please try to sync your sites and see if that helps with resolving the issue with missing sites in the reports settings.


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