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Is there any kind of reporting module beyond the one included with the pro license? Unless I’m mistaken, I’ve evaluated Main WP a couple of years ago and I seem to remember that each module was purchased individually.

In other words, is it possible to create reports for clients using the free version of the plugin or by using a paid module?

Thank you in advance

Hi @adrianom

The Pro subscription, or a Pro lifetime license, grants you access to all of our extensions.
And it is no longer possible to purchase individual extensions.

The Pro Reports extension, which is included in the Pro plan, is used to generate and send rich and fully customizable reports to your clients.

The previous reports extension, Client Reports, was retired some time ago. We still provide critical patches for it, but no new features or feature changes will be made available to it.
It is available free of charge on our GitHub page: GitHub - mainwp/mainwp-client-reports-extension: MainWP Client Reports Extension allows you to generate activity reports for your clients sites. Requires MainWP Dashboard.

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Hi @bojan, thank you for the information.

I have installed the previous reports extension from Github. I managed to enable it, but apparently my API is not valid to activate the license, since it shows the following error message “The following required query string data is missing: product_id, instance” What do you think it could be?



I followed the suggestion here: Activate New Extensions Licensing System - MainWP Documentation but unfortunately it didn’t work.

However, I realized that the name of the plugin’s folder upon installation might not be the appropriate one: mainwp-client-reports-extension-master so I renamed it to mainwp-client-reports-extension instead.

Once this is done, when trying to activate the license using the “activate extensions” button that appears to the right of the extensions section of the MainWP dashboard, the error message displayed changed to “We are unable to find an order for this Extension - Contact MainWP Support”.

And if I try to enter my API key in the license field of the extension, the message changes to “No API resources exist. Login to My Account to verify there are activations remaining, and the API Key and Product ID are correct.”

I hope it will be helpful.


Extensions have to be activated using our API in order to receive future updates, not to actually work.

If you had purchased Client Reports during the previous years (e.g. as part of a Lifetime licence), the product would be attached to your account, and you would be able to download it from your account and activate it using the Extension API.

Since you haven’t, you cannot activate the extension and receive automatic updates for it. You will have to manually download the following Client Reports versions from GitHub.

Hi @bojan,

I really appreciate the explanation about the license. It makes sense.

What confused me was the fact that even though the module downloaded from Github was activated, when selecting any of the options, either create report, tokens, reports, etc. I got the following error: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page” so I understood that it was because the license was not activated.

This stopped happening when I renamed the plugin folder to mainwp-client-reports-extension. Now it works normally.

I think it would be worth renaming the Github file, so that whoever downloads and installs it can get it working right out of the box.

Thank you for your help!

@adrianom This is the default behavior of Github when you download any Repository via Zip - it appends the Branch name to the file.

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