Client site won't connect in MainWP dashboard (but "appears" connected on the client site)

I have a client site that is saying it is not connected in the MainWP dashboard area. Plugins aren’t getting updated, it says it needs to reconnect, but when I prompt it to do that, it fails. When I go to the client site - it seems from that end, that its connected. The plugin is activated, but is being hidden because of my branding setting ("hide the MainWP plugin), and its not showing the red box at the tp prompting me to connect.

I tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling a fresh version - when I click connect in MainWP - the redbox at the top of the website goes away, but the site within the mainwp dashboard still shows as not connected.

Any idea what is happening or how to fix this?

Sounds like something is stuck on the Child Site - Uninstalling the MainWP Child plugin doesn’t remove any DB entries by design. You may use this tool that we have created in order to reset your MainWP Child Plugin back to defaults:

Please do NOT install this on your MainWP Installation - this is for the CHILD SITE ONLY.
Install, Activate - it will deactivate after it does it’s thing… UNINSTALL after use for security reasons.

Let us know if you continue to not be able to connect.

I installed the plugin you recommended, followed the steps, and the issue is still there. Are there any other things I can try?


Can you tell me what error message do you get when you try to reconnect the site and what response do you get from the Test Connection feature?

When I try to connect, I get this:

“MainWP Child plugin not detected. First, install and activate the plugin and add your site to your MainWP Dashboard afterward. If you continue experiencing this issue, check the child site for known plugin conflicts, or check the MainWP Community for help.”

Where is the “test connect” feature?


On the MainWP > Sites > Add New page, at the bottom of the form, on the left-hand side, you can find the Test Connection button. After entering the site URL in the URL field, you can click the Test Connection button and your Dashboard will check if it can reach the child site.

But this is a client site that is already in the list. When I go to view/edit the site, there is no test connection button. Are you saying I need to remove and re-add it?

Ive had similar issue recently with two godaddy sites (go figure).

I hit ‘reconnect’ and it just spins and spins. Have deactivated then activated child plugin. Child site says it’s connected, but Main WP dashboard says it’s not… Frustrating…

Yes, unfortunately this is the only way to run the test connection.

Same issue faced by me. Tried connecting all the sites back but unable to. Seems the latest wordpress update broken this.

I wouldn’t say that the latest WP update caused this. In our test setups, everything works properly. I believe that some security rules got triggered on your sites and requests from your dashboard got blocked.

It might be best to check all security layers on the setup:

  1. Security plugins on child sites if there is any used.
  2. Server firewall
  3. Cloud proxy firewalls if there is any used.
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