Clients get disconnected without any visible reason

Since 2 days 5 to 9 of my 13 clients got disconected 4 times already.
I can easily reconnect them, but after some hours some of them are disconnected again.
I do not see any difference to the 4 clients which are always connected.

Any suggestions where to investigate further?

Hi @Peter_Carsten,
Got the same issue but for use is 40 over 200! And nothing works to reconnect.
@dennis, last update of the child plugin may have something to do? Those sites were working well until we did the maintenance yesterday… I tried to disable, unable MWP plugin but nothing worked. No security plugins on those sites, and firewall was checked.
Anybody else has the same issue as Peter and I have?

Edit: Forgot to add the error message: “ Public key already set. Please deactivate & reactivate the MainWP Child plugin on the child site and try again.”

Update: Clearing the cache at the server level helped to reconnect some of the sites, still have some that can’t connect…

Hi @Peter_Carsten

​Occasional disconnects are an indication of connectivity problems with the server hosting the Dashboard or a Child site and not something specifically related to MainWP.

​Have you noticed any kind of patterns with the child sites that keep disconnecting? Are they on the same hosting provider, are there any plugins installed on those sites that’s not installed on others, do they use Cloudflare…?

​Other potential causes are security rules that may be present on the Dashboard or child site.

Do you use some security plugins on your child site or Dashboard? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable them and see if that helps?

Do you use Cloudflare or any other cloud proxy firewall? If yes, can you try to whitelist your Dashboard IP or temporarily disable it to see if that helps?

Your issue is somewhat different considering you are unable to reconnect your sites.

Can you please try to temporary deactivate all plugins except for the MainWP Child on the child site and see if that helps? It would be good to temporarily switch to one of the default WP themes. This way we can see if there is some plugin creating a conflict here.

If that doesn’t help, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

Hi @bojan, I fixed 38 of them and not related to security but probably a caching issue, very strange as we are using LiteSpeed on more than 150 sites, why only those? Anyway, I still have 2 to figure out. I will try your recommendation as it is the only step I didn’t try. Thanks! I will update the thread if I have any development or open a ticket if I can solve it.

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@Peter_Carsten, @wpexpert

Can you please check if Oxygen Builder is installed on affected child sites?

We’ve received a report of a potential issue with Oxygen that may be breaking the connection between the Dashboard and the Child site. We are investigating the potential issue right now.


Yes @bojan ! Both are built with Oxygen and I tried to disable all plugins except O2 and same error, can’t connect so I think you are on something…


Can you also try deactivating and reactivating the MainWP Child plugin and try reconnecting after that?

The description of the potential issue with Oxygen is that the child site disconnects from the Dashboard on the next Dashboard sync.

And can you please send us the screenshots of your O2 settings so that we may try to duplicate the issue?

Yes, I am using Oxygen for most of them.
But the sites which are still connecting are using Oxygen as well and from the Sites which are disconnected, 2 aren´t using Oxygen and one of them is with a different provider.

The problem started last Saturday after running without any major changes since month.

Just to confirm, are you using Oxygen Builder 4.6?

@bojan - I tried that multiple times without any success, same error: Public key already set. Please deactivate & reactivate the MainWP Child plugin on the child site and try again.
Here are the oxygen settings:
And yes, O2 4.6 but, we do have around 30 sites using the same set up, no issues!

@Peter_Carsten @wpexpert,

If you can, we would like to have our dev team check this further and see if this conflict can be resolved on our side, so we would need temporary access to your Dashboard (WP Admin access) and child site (WP Admin and SFTP).

We tried to duplicate the problem on a couple of our setups, but we couldn’t duplicate the problem.

If possible, please send us login details via Helpdesk so we can take a look.


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Yes version 4.6 , this was installed lately

I am running from a local server behind a firewall. need to investigate how to pass through


Can you please check if this version helps:

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I did install the new version for 8 sites, which were disconnected, connected them and will report how it looks like in some hours.

10 h later:
Looks good all are still connected.

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To add more details about our findings:

The Oxygen Builder plugin runs the filter, which calls the $oxygen_updater->edd_updater->get_api_data() function after MainWP Child collects the update info, while the edd_updater value is NULL. This causes the PHP Fatal Error when MainWP Child executes the wp_update_plugins() function.

In the upcoming version, we resolved this problem by unhooking the Oxygen Builder filter that runs too soon so it does not interrupt the MainWP Child process.

However, the best solution would be if the Oxy team would move the filter from the init to admin_init hook so we don’t have to add these edge-case workarounds.


Hi @bojan, sorry for the late reply… it worked! I installed the new MWP child version and I was able to reconnect both sites. A quick note that you have to disable and enable the child plugin after you updated. I lost 39 sites again this morning and all related to O2 so I will reconnect and push this update.
Thank you very much Bogdan for the quick fix (as usual), really appreciate it.


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