Clone Cant read configuration file from the backup

I have checked the documentation (MainWP Knowledge Base - MainWP Documentation ) but there is an error in the backup clone: " Cant read configuration file from the backup", it is looking for a backup file, I have downloaded two backup files from wpvividbackups, UpDraft which has uploads, themes, plugins, etc. Is it because I uploaded the wrong file, I hope I can solve this problem, thanks!

Hey @souhuniu

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The Clone from Backup feature of our Clone extension, works only with backup files made MainWP Legacy Backups. It does not work with backup files made with Updraft, WPvivid or any other backup solution.

You can find more information and a step by step instructions for Clone from Backup in this help document: Clone WordPress Site (Clone from Backup) - MainWP Documentation

Hello, @bojan ,thank you for your reply, but I don’t see MainWP Legacy Backups you mentioned in plug-in and extension functions, I only see Existing Backups, where are they installed? Thank you for your reply

Hey @souhuniu ,

Please have a look at the help article that was posted in the previous message, which contains step-by-step instructions: Clone WordPress Site (Clone from Backup) - MainWP Documentation

Specifically, step 3 contains instructions for enabling the Legacy Backups feature and then performing a Full Backup of the site with that Legacy Backup feature.

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