Clone Extension - How to restore from a backup

Hi Community. How can I restore from a backup when the legacy backup feature is no longer available? I am using UpdraftPlus as my preferred backup manager, can one of these backups be used as the clone?

Hi IBCreative, 3rd party backups are not currently supported in the clone system.

Even though, the MainWP Native Backups are disabled for new users, you can still enable this option in the MainWP > Settings and try to make full backup of the site.

If that fails, please let us know and we can take a look.

Thanks for your reply. Why are these native backups disabled by default? Is that because this feature will be going away?

We believe that users should try one of the alternative backup solutions that are more reliable at this time.

Ok so this essentially means that the Clone Extension doesn’t work properly right? If you are saying that the CLone Extension only works with the Native backup tool, that you don’t recommend. Is this right?

No, I think that you misunderstood me.

The Clone extension is not 100% dependent on the Backups. Just one of the Clone method requires full backup to be restored, the primary clone method clones files directly.

As per our latest testings, the Quick Clone Method works correctly and event he native backups work on our sites. But the default backup solution is something that we trying to move away and simply have users use something more reliable for backups. You can find more details in our blog post from 2015.

Hey @bogdan from what I have read in the help sections it states that Quick Clones work well when cloning a Child Site to another when the site is <200mbs. I have tried this and it works a treat, I am using a “template” sub-domain child site that will be used as a base clone site, however in the help docs it states that the clone will most likely fail if the clone is over 200mbs and that I should use the native backup feature in MainWP, which brings me right back to the issue of using the backup tool that you recommend we don’t use?.

I appreciate your time to help me understand better, so far Quick Cloning is working great without any problems so thanks for the great tool, i’m just trying to work out the best process for my cloning.


The Quick Clone should still work with bigger sites too if your server is set right and has enough resources. Make sure that the cURL Timeout, PHP Max Execution time and PHP Memory Limit as as high as possible on all sites involved in the clone process if you try with larger sites.

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