Clone extension not working since updating to MainWP Dashboard v4.1

I have also posted a ticket, wanted to check if anyone else is having a similar problem.

Trying to clone any site is immediately errors out with:

“Creating backup on %1$s expected size: %2$dMB (estimated time: %3$d seconds). Child plugin is disabled or the security key is incorrect. Please resync with your main installation.”

Both sites using the latest version of the child plugin. Resyncing both sites makes no difference.

Hi Dustin, our support agents are working on the ticket. As soon as we have more details we will update this topic.

I have the exact same problem with MainWP Clone… and I can’t even create a backup with MainWP Legacy Backups feature to clone the site from a backup.

Can you please try this MainWP Child plugin version (on both child sites involved in the Clone process) and see if it works better?

Hello, I have the same problem. the Main Wp Child 4.1. is up to date on both pages.

Daniel, can you please verify that you tried with the version that I sent in my previous post? This one: MainWP Child

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