Clone extension not working

I have a support ticket open as well and im grateful for the guys there…

But figured I’d ask for some community info as well to speed things up if possible if anyone has experienced and solved similar issues

the sites im trying to clone are over 200mb which i read on the mainwp child settings that it probably wont work using the first clone option to just sync sites.

then read about the second option using a backup…and i did go to settings and enable the old legacy mainwp backup system
" “If you have a FULL backup created by the default MainWP Backup system you may restore it by uploading here."

and i was able to do a full backup of the site i want to clone in the tar/zip form. but its not letting me download it properly i keep getting an "archive is in unknown format or damaged’ error

i noticed that i keep getting a ‘network error’ when trying to download the backups even though im connected to the internet just fine. something is keeping me from downloading the backup in the right form so i cant try uploading it to the child site to clone

Hey @googlealchemist

Since you already have a ticket open, the support team will continue handling it there.

And we will update this thread when we have more information or a solution to share.

thanks, but i havent heard back on my ticket for a couple days now.

I appreciate your comment about support and then I checked the other part to try to find the breakdown and it does appear the ticket was there for a day and half. We are addressing the internal support issue and looking into the ticket now.

@googlealchemist, you mentioned that you tried to download the backup file but got the error.
I assume you tried from the plugin GUI. Did you try to download the backup file via FTP?

After investigating this further, we found that sites involved in the Clone process had not enough PHP Memory Limit allowed, not enough WP Memory, and also PHP max execution time and cURL timeout were set low.

Unfortunatelly, the host was unable to increase the limit for required resources.


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