Cloudflare and problem with adding new posts and pages


I have problems adding new posts, pages, and plugins to sites where domains use Cloudflare DNS. In the dashboard, connections to those sites look good. Updates are installed correctly, but if I want to add a new post I see the below message :

“ERROR: MainWP Child plugin not detected or could not be reached! Ensure the MainWP Child plugin is installed and activated on the child site, and there are no security rules blocking requests. If you continue experiencing this issue, check the MainWP Community for help.”

Firewall settings in Cloudflare are set up like in this article: Whitelist your MainWP Dashboard in Cloudflare Firewall - MainWP Documentation

Maybe someone had a similar problem?

Hey @michall

We’re using Cloudflare DNS for some of our child sites that are connected to our test Dashboard, and we haven’t experienced this issue.

Can you please try contacting Cloudflare support and have them check which security rule might be causing this issue and how to circumvent it?

Even though you whitelisted the Dashboard IP in the CF WAF, another CF service may be blocking the connection.

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@bojan - Thanks.

I search a little bit in Cloudflare settings and I resolved the problem by changing the Network settings.

Network > Pseudo IPv4 > Overwrite Headers

Maybe for someone will be useful

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Perfect, I’m glad you managed to resolve the issue and thank you for sharing the solution with the community.

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