Cloudways Staging = Public key already set

Cloudways has a nice staging system built in. When I push the staging site live to production all the mainwp child settings get pushed with it. The mainwp dashboard complains about the public key already being set. I have to toggle the mainwp child plugin off and back on to restore functionality on the production site.

I put the sites into groups but that doesn’t help. If the mainwp settings were in their own database table I could skip it in the cloudways push settings. This seems strange that cloudways and Mainwp have a partnership and I seem to be the only one running into this issue.

@culverbd MainWP data isn’t stored in it’s own table, however, it is easily removed if you know how. I can see where having a unique MainWP Child Plugin table could benefit your use case.


There is also a Plugin that I have created to clear the DB tables for those who don’t want to mess with SQL statements. Bitbucket


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