Code snippet clashes w/ Wordfence?

Is it possible that an active Wordfence plugin on a child site keeps code snippets from running?
I’m running a simple WP custom css for the login page, which only installs on sites after first disabling the WF plugin first. It makes sense because it’s blocking writing to wp-config. Bit how can I create an exception for MainWP?

I’ve never seen issues with Wordfence blocking Code Snippets. I do have the IP of my MainWP server added to the whitelist of Wordfence of all my clients.
You can also try to set the Wordfence Firewall to Learning Mode and test again. If it works then, it should work the next time as well.


Thanks. Actually adding the IP exclusion of my MainWP installation server made the difference and it now works. It definitely didn’t before so this could be something to add to the code snippet how-to-guide.


@nadworks Thanks for the suggestion. I have added this here for the time being: Known Plugin Conflicts

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