Code Snippets are duplicated after running

I created a code snippet to get some information from child sites. At first I only selected 1 client to test it. After that I added more sites and I ran it on all sites. The next day I came back and found out, that the code snippet was duplicated resulting in 3 snippets with the same name.

When I created a new snippet, it again resulted in a second copy after running it. Looks like it’s keeping revisions, but it’s not clear what it is and doesn’t make it very clear to use.

I’m using MainWP 5.1-RC2 and Code Snippets Extension 5.0.1

Hey @josklever

Thanks for reporting this to us. We have managed to reproduce it.

When a new snippet is created and executed on a site, and then immediately the snippet is executed to a new selection of sites, it will be saved again as a duplicate.

We will be resolving this in the next release of Code Snippets.

As a temporary solution, if you wish to run your snippet on additional sites, go to the “Saved Snippets” section and load the snippet you saved after the first run.

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We have fixed the issue, and it will be included in the next Code Snippets release.

@josklever If you wish, I can send you a pre-release version via a private message.

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It’s not a blocking issue for me, so I can wait until the release of the update, but if you want me to test you can always send it. That’s up to you.

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