Code Snippets plugin needs maintenance update

The Code Snippets Extension hasn’t been updated for 2 years, so Wordfence is reporting it as a possible “risk”:

The Plugin “Code Snippets” appears to be abandoned (updated 10 September 2020, tested to WP 5.9.2).
Type: Plugin Abandoned

Can you please release an update for this extension (and also check other extensions, that haven’t been updated recently? If there are no changes needed, it’s good to do a minor release for updating compatibility settings etc.

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Thanks for notifying us, Jos.

We’ve pushed an update today for Code Snippets with a couple of minor changes and obviously to avoid getting this warning message.

The changelog:

  • Added: Accordion functionality to the sidebar sections
  • Added: Responsive mode to the snippets table
  • Updated: CodeMirror library
  • Updated: Sidebar layout on the execute snippet page
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