Collapsible Tables for Backups Overview Page

hey guys,

as i am managing multiple sites with updraftplus, it’s a bit overwhelming to have a overview where every backup of every single site is shown.

may it be possible to create a details slider, which shows the site name as summary and the site details as slider?

  <p>backup data.</p>

other thoughts?

I am not really understanding what you mean by “Slider”.

However, my thoughts on this would be:

Make each Child Sites Table collapsible by default displaying a simple list of sites, therefore giving the ability to dig deeper on the site you want.

I am sorry, i was looking for the term ‘collapsible’ :slight_smile:

I appreciate your idea, couldn’t have explained it better, thank you so much

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Hi @teachboy,

These type of custom tweaks can be done by using the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension. If you have some JS coding experience, I believe that this could be done. If this is not something you would like to try, please let me now and I will move this topic to feature suggestions section.


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@techboy To expand on @bogdan’s response - you will definitely need to add some custom JS in order to pull this one off as it’s simply not in the core code of MainWP.

We use the DataTables.js library which is highly expandable.

Check this thread out here in order to get a grasp of what you are trying to achieve. You will then be able to use the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension to add the JS you need without having to edit core MainWP code.

Again if this is just out of your reach then we can set this ticket as a feature request.

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Thank you so much for your replies.

Unfortunately I don’t have any coding experience.

Would be great if you could create a feature request.

@techboy Not a problem - I have also updated the title to better reflect your request.

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