Compatibility issue with WP to Buffer

I’m using the WP to Buffer plugin to push all my new posts into my queue.
Works perfect when publishing manually, but when a post is made through the mainWP interface, the plugin isn’t triggered.

Any solution to this?

Hi Ivor,

This is not something that we had a chance to test.
At this point, I am not sure how the WP to Buffer plugin works so I can’t tell why it doesn’t “cooperate” with the MainWP system, but maybe it might be best to check with the plugin author about it.

I have many auto post plugins running, they all don’t have this issue.
So I doubt it’s a bug in their plugin.

The plugin is called either when a post is published or updated.
They have a free version so you can see it for yourself.

My guess would be that the mainWP child doesn’t call the hooks needed to trigger the buffer plugin.

Hi Ivor,

in order to change the default plugin behavior, we would need to put this suggestion in our feature suggestions list.

Please let me know if you want us to do that, or if you think it would be faster, you can make a pull request for the MainWP Child and add the missing hook.

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