[Completed] Add hyperlink to "disconnected sites" in overview

Every time I see a disconnected site (red number) in overview I want to click it immediately to see what the disconnected site is but it’s never hyperlinked and it drives me crazy. Not really but you know what i mean. Anyway it would be super awesome if mainwp team just added a simple hyperlink to that number that sent you to the list of disconnected sites on a future update. Simple, easy, effective. I can’t add a screenshot but hopefully you all know what I’m talking about.

Did you change the view to See All Disconnected? Because then you get links to the client page, the frontpage and it’s admin.

Oh i see now. I just saw “hide details” before. Ok then never mind then? I still want to click on that big scary red number lol.

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Moved this topic to the correct category.

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